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Grid Projects

Wearable Adaptive Vibrotactile Bracelet (WAVelet) for Spasticity Alleviation
Integrated Methane Inversion (IMI): A software tool to monitor methane emissions using satellite observations
Engineering asymmetric polysaccharide-coated liposomes and lipid nanoparticles for drug delivery
Flexible bioelectronics therapeutics driven by Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence driven breathalyzers for disease detection
AI platform for battery material innovations
AI-powered CAD design unlocks new potential in robotics, equipment, and more
Navigation assistant for people with impaired vision or blindness
Photophoretically levitating a communicating payload
Electrified hydrogen peroxide production
Solid refrigerants replace gaseous HFCs for efficient, cost effective, green cooling
Wearable Functional Electrical Stimulation Platform for Community-based Rehab
AI to discover new enzymes and increase their engineerability
DryScreen: Dehumidification for carbon-conscious comfort in a warming world
Solid-state sodium-ion batteries as an economical energy storage solution for the net-zero future
An auditable, trustworthy relay service that protects traders from market manipulation schemes
Compact audio drivers that deliver strong bass response for headphones
An easy-to-use tool for fans to create personalized sports videos
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) system for rapid, targeted treatment of pathogenic bacteria
Safe, cost-effective hydrogen storage to enable the green hydrogen economy
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