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Integrated Methane Inversion (IMI):  A software tool to monitor methane emissions using satellite observations 

Prof. Daniel Jacob
Vasco McCoy Family Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, SEAS

There is growing demand from climate policy stakeholders to use satellite observations of greenhouse gases to quantify emissions. Our Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group (ACMG) at Harvard is widely recognized as the world leader in the development and application of inverse methods to infer methane emissions from satellite observations. Our Integrated Methane Inversion (IMI) cloud-based, open-source sofware tool puts our methods in the hands of stakeholders. This unique tool enables stakeholders to use satellite observations to infer total methane emissions with high resolution for their domains and periods of interest, including for continuous monitoring.


There is considerable demand for the IMI from government agencies at all levels, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, climate advocacy groups, and industry. Here we propose to develop an IMI start-up company to support users in their application of the too

Project Overview

Interested in this technology?  We are currently seeking partners in academia and industry to collaborate on further developments. 

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