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Rob Devlin, Co-founder and CEO of Metalenz

Metalenz offers unparalleled control, performance, and new information from a single flat lens for optics made in any semiconductor foundry to empower billions of devices in the real world.

Lab-to-Launch Lounge

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Rob Devlin is co-founder and CEO of Metalenz, a fabless optical semiconductor company pioneering the commercialization of meta-optics. His work focuses on moving scientific research towards real world applications leading to 15 patents and patent applications. In 2022, Rob and his team at Metalenz announced the world’s first metasurfaces in market in consumer devices via a partnership with semiconductor giant, STMicroelectronics. Prior to co-founding Metalenz, Rob completed a joint BS/MS in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science at Drexel University and a Ph.D. at Harvard University in Applied Physics with Professor Federico Capasso. His research has spanned the topics of nanofabrication, nanophotonics, and materials science. He has authored or co-authored 20+ publications that have provided critical advances in the emerging field of metasurfaces- one of which was selected as the cover of Science Journal and voted one of Science’s 10 breakthroughs of 2016.

One piece of advice to Venturing@Harvard

"Even as a researcher, you are always selling your research. While there is more jargon involved at conferences, ultimately you are communicating your idea to colleagues so that they realize why it's important."


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