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“It was clear that the research being conducted in my lab could help reduce emissions that contribute to climate change through the formation of a startup. Accelerator funding provided us the essential support needed to advance this research to the stage where we launched Carbonara.”

— Na LI, Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering & Applied Mathematics;

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, Singularity.



Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing society today, particularly when it comes to decreasing our carbon footprint. Through its product suite, Carbonara, Singularity provides tools for companies to quantify decarbonization by leveraging real-time grid carbon data and analytics.

The AI-powered technology behind Carbonara is based on research from the lab of Na Li, Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Li received a grant from the PSE Accelerator to develop the AI-powered distributed energy network utilized by Carbonara and co-founded the company with then postdoctoral fellow Wenbo Shi, now CEO of Singularity. The startup participated in the i-lab’s Venture Incubation Program during the 2018 spring session and is currently a member of Greentown Labs. It has raised seed funding and is a recipient of a Small Business Innovation Research Award from the National Science Foundation and winner of the 2018 Greentown Labs Bold Idea Challenge

Project Overview

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