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While traditional factory robots are complex to set up and singly purposed, RightHand Robotics has developed a data-driven, intelligent picking platform that utilizes efficient grasping, vision and motion AI, and machine learning, providing predictable order fulfillment that is flexible and scalable for multiple warehouse workflows.

RightHand Robotics

With on-line ordering growing, robots have emerged as a reliable and cost-effective tool for processing the increasing demands placed on e-commerce order fulfillment centers.

The company’s RightPick™ piece-picking solution can pick items from automated storage and retrieval systems, sort items from a batch, induct items to a warehouse sortation equipment, and validate orders as part of the quality management process.

The technology is based on research from the Harvard Biorobotics Lab led by Robert Howe, Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Engineering. Howe applied for and received a grant from the PSE Accelerator in 2014 to develop a robotic gripper, co-founding RightHand Robotics later that year with Yaro Tenzer, who serves as CEO and was previously a postdoctoral fellow in the Biorobotics Lab; Leif Jentoft PhD’14, CSO and Head of Partnerships; and Lael Odhner, CTO, who collaborated with the Harvard team on the DARPA item manipulation challenge while he was a professor at the Yale Grab Lab. The startup participated in the i-lab’s Venture Incubation Program through summer 2015 before becoming a member of Greentown Labs.

RightHand Robotics is currently based in Somerville, MA, and has raised more than $100M in funding to date from several rounds of venture capital from both Boston and West Coast investors. The company has since expanded to Japan and Europe with the establishment of the RightPick™ Center Europe in Nürnberg, Germany.

Project Overview

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