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Miriam Huntley, PhD, CTO and Co-Founder of Day Zero Diagnostics

Day Zero Diagnostics is a Boston-based genomics startup that was spun out of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. The company is pioneering a new class of infectious disease diagnostics using whole-genome sequencing and machine learning to develop a rapid and comprehensive diagnostic for bacterial infections.

Lab to Launch Lounge - Sep 14th, 2023

Miriam Huntley is the CTO and a Co-Founder of Day Zero Diagnostics, where she leads the development of new methods for pathogen genomic data analysis.

Miriam leverages her background as a computational biologiest with expertise in machine learning and genomics. After an undergrad at MIT in Physics, she earned her Harvard Applied Math PhD developing theory and computational methods for analyzing biological systems and large genomic datasets. Through her work at Day Zero, Miriam has been honored as a TedMed Hive Innovator and a MedTech Boston 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovator. Miriam earned her BSc from MIT in Physics and her PhD in Applied Math at Harvard University.


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