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Jessica Sang, PhD, Founder and CEO of Accure

Accure Health ("Accure") is a next-generation precision medicine company. Using AI-powered solutions, the platform leverages patients' dynamic biomarker profiles and vesicles’ natural delivery capabilities to enable precision therapies and improve outcomes for patients. Accure has been supported by the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, the LabCentral, the MIT Engine, the National Cancer Institute, the SBIR program, and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

Lab-to-Launch Lounge

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023

Jessica Sang is a Co-Founder and CEO of Accure Health, born out of Harvard i-Lab and Life Lab. Prior to founding Accure, Jessica built extensive experience in biotechnology development and commercialization through her academic and industry endeavors at Harvard and Genentech. She currently serves on NIH and SBIR Grant review study sections and also as a Principal Investigator (PI). She received her Ph.D. from University of Washington/ Fred Hutch, where she was an HHMI Graduate Fellow. She serves on Grant review committees and also as Principal Investigator (PI) of programs funded by the National Institute of Health. Her work in cancer, genomics and proteomics has been published in leading scientific journals, including first-author publications in Science and Cell. As an entrepreneur, she believes in “Cure through Accuracy," hence the company name “Accure”.

One piece of advice to Venturing@Harvard

"Bet on yourself, and get mentored as early as possible."


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