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Harvard researcher and Grid Accelerator Grant recipient, Adam Slavney launches company with breakthrough cooling technology that's drastically better for the environment. 

The HVAC sector is critical to modern life but is coming under heavy pressure due to its high energy consumption—20% of global energy is used to heat and cool buildings—and its use of climate-warming gaseous refrigerants. Pascal is a Harvard spinout developing low-pressure solid refrigerant technology to lead HVAC into a cleaner climate future. Pascal’s solid refrigerants enable air conditioners and heat pumps which are more efficient, cheaper, and quieter than the vapor compression systems used today, while also eliminating atmospheric emissions from refrigerant gasses. 


Pascal's core technology was developed in the laboratory of Jarad Mason, Associate Professor of Chemistry, who focuses on identifying new materials that can address global challenges, related to both energy and human health. Following a grant from the Harvard Grid Accelerator to develop a solid refrigerant prototype, Mason cofounded the company with former graduate student Jinyoung Seo and former postdoc Adam Slavney, both of whom were accepted into the Activate entrepreneurial fellowship program. The company has raised a $1M pre-seed round of venture funding from The Engine and Blindspot Ventures and is currently developing a heat pump prototype based on its technology. 


Looking to learn more? Check out articles from The Engine and  The Harvard Gazette.

Project Overview

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