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AI platform for battery material innovations

Prof. Xin Li
Associate Professor of Materials Science, SEAS

Solid-state battery (SSB) will be competitive in both electric vehicle battery market that is currently dominated by Li ion battery with predicted $187 billion market size in 2032, and in the grid-scale battery market with predicted $55.3 billion market size by 2031. The development of SSB technologies, however, is largely limited by battery material innovations, and material cost accounts for the largest fraction of the price. The current paradigm of battery material innovation largely relies on laboratory trial and error by scientists and engineers. This project aims to develop an AI enabled platform to rapidly develop, test, and patent new battery materials for alkaline solid state batteries. The platform will enable automated high throughput prediction, synthesis, and test of materials for SSB applications, giving a 100 times faster innovation speed of new materials.

Project Overview

Interested in this technology?  We are currently seeking partners in academia and industry to collaborate on further developments. 

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